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100% Viewability Guarantee

Mobile can become the most addressable, measurable, transparent and trustworthy media. With our viewability product, advertisers gain access to impressions that are brand-safe, fraud-free and guaranteed viewable. Pay only for ads that are actually in-view, as measured & certified by leading digital measurement firm Integral Ad Science—the only measurement vendor that can track in-app viewability, which makes up 80% of the mobile market.

We are committed to ensuring a safe & effective advertising experience for our partners. Although the Media Ratings Council has not yet approved a measurement methodology in mobile, our guarantee exceeds the MRC’s interim guidance for mobile viewability.

DTSG Certified

The goal of the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) is to protect brand safety & minimize the risk of digital display advertising misplacement in the UK. Millennial Media was one of the first 13 signatories to the DTSG Best Practice Guidelines in December 2013 & we received our Kitemark after a successful audit in February 2015.


For further information on what this audit means for our clients and partners, or to receive a copy of our Brand Safety policy, please contact your local representative, or email:

Brand-safe Programmatic

Brand safety is critical regardless of how you’re buying. On the exchange, Millennial Media provides transparent inventory to ensure visibility and a well-lit environment for advertisers. Page- and view-level contextual data enables you to target or negatively target ad placements to avoid negative association with surrounding content that could otherwise injure your brand. Privacy data provides insight on consumer preferences to ensure advertisers honor consumer-defined targeting opt-outs.

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